Understanding brain tumours in children

The causes of 40 percent of all cases of certain medulloblastoma – dangerous brain tumours affecting children – are hereditary. These are the findings of a recent genetic analysis carried out by scientists from EMBL and numerous colleagues around the world.

By Mathias Jäger


COVID-19 data sharing EMBL-EBI

EMBL-EBI leads International collaboration to share COVID-19 research data

EMBL-EBI set to launch European COVID-19 Data Platform to help store, share, and analyse research data linked to the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Vicky Hatch


Leukaemia stem cells are located in a patient’s bone marrow (shown here in blue) in the so-called stem cell niche. The green structure is the bone itself. Credit: Dr. Raphael Lutz, Haas Lab

€2.45 m to investigate leukaemia causes and therapies

The Heidelberg-based LeukoSyStem consortium investigates leukaemia stem cells in acute myeloid leukaemia. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research financially supports this collaboration between Heidelberg University Hospital, HI-STEM gGmbH, the German Cancer Research Center and EMBL.

By Mathias Jäger


New insights into gene regulation

EMBL researchers investigate the role of a histone protein in regulating gene expression

By Chloe Cross



Finding your way around Platynereis dumerilii

EMBL researchers combine multiple datasets to develop expandable atlas of an entire animal

By Marius Bruer


Claire Deo

Welcome: Claire Deo

New group leader at EMBL Heidelberg employs synthetic chemistry to develop novel tools for biology

By Marius Bruer


New technique for studying living fly larvae

This technique provides a simple but effective way to study the functions of organs in living animals

By Patrick Mueller


SPEN protein (green) in living cells. Credit: François Dossin

How females shut off their second X chromosome

Scientists provide important new insights into the molecular basis of X-inactivation

By Mehdi Khadraoui


The Pan-Cancer project

EMBL co-leads most comprehensive study of genetic causes of cancer

By Mathias Jäger


Protecting data in the cloud

Cloud computing offers unprecedented opportunities for global-scale research collaborations. It also presents a unique set of challenges in terms of data protection and the ethics of data sharing.

By Cella Carr


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