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Building Euro-BioImaging

EMBL’s Jan Ellenberg reflects on the process of forming a European research infrastructure

By Guest author(s)

Lab Matters

Fluorescence microscopy images of differentiated human hepatocytes

ATTRACT: funding innovation in imaging

EMBL is a collaborator in four of the projects funded in the first phase of ATTRACT.

By Cella Carr

Lab Matters

New perspectives on nuclear pores

EMBL researchers have published two new studies involving the nuclear pore complex

By Fabian Oswald


Stripes of colour display gene expression patterns

Transcriptional hubs confer phenotypic robustness

Enhancers in Drosophila embryos gather together to preserve phenotypes under stressful conditions

By Josh Tapley


Picture of a fern gametophyte

Fun with fern photography

EMBL alumna Jennifer Deegan built a prize-winning system for photographing ferns

By Fabian Oswald


The dynamic process of cell division.

Drawing knowledge

A conversation about art-science collaborations and the importance of drawing in biology.

By Fabian Oswald


This illustration, based on real data shows the heart of a Japanese rice fish. The green and blue laser beams demonstrate how the newly developed 3D imaging microscope is scanning the heart.

New 3D microscope

A newly developed 3D microscope visualises fast biological processes better than ever.

By Mathias Jäger


Foundation stone laid for EMBL Imaging Centre

Foundation stone ceremony for world-class high-resolution microscopy centre in Heidelberg

By Mathias Jäger


An in silico hope for biology: machine learning

How EMBL scientists are using machine learning to advance biology

By Berta Carreño

Lab Matters

Melina Schuh has received an EMBO Gold Medal for outstanding contributions to the life sciences in Europe.

Melina Schuh receives EMBO Gold Medal

EMBL alumna Melina Schuh recognised for excellence in science

By Guest author(s)



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