EMBL is Europe’s leading life sciences laboratory

We train students and scientists to perform world-class biological research, and provide state-of-the-art technologies for a wide range of scientific and experimental services. Some 1800 people working at six laboratory sites throughout Europe are publishing over 800 publications per year, and running events and conferences at the cutting edge of biological research.

EMBL seeks to better understand the molecular basis of life. In the process, we’re changing European science.


EMBL was set up to promote molecular biology across Europe, and to create a centre of excellence for training Europe's leading young molecular biologists. To accomplish this, EMBL pursues five missions:

Perform excellent fundamental research in molecular biology

EMBL has developed an integrative, interdisciplinary structure to study and understand biological phenomena in their full complexity.

Offer vital services to scientists in the member states and the world

Core facilities provide space and equipment for physical experiments, while digital services such as molecular databases serve millions of users each year.

Actively engage in technology transfer and industry relations

To push the boundaries of biological knowledge, EMBL scientists invent new tools and techniques, and engage in technology transfer.

Train scientists, students, and visitors at all levels

EMBL’s multifaceted training programme covers students at all levels from high-school to postdocs, as well as professional development for scientists.

Coordinate and integrate European life science research

EMBL works to establish links and initiate collaborative projects between scientists in Europe and the wider world.



From genes to whole organisms, from chemistry to computational biology, EMBL's diverse research programme is pushing the limits of biological knowledge


EMBL’s core facilities provide physical experimental services for researchers, and EMBL-EBI maintains the world’s most comprehensive range of molecular data resources


Every year at its headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany, EMBL hosts dozens of international conferences on topics in molecular biology


EMBL runs a range of practical and theory courses on various aspects of molecular biology, including statistics, software, and laboratory techniques


Talks by renowned scientists, engineers, and policy makers are a part of daily life across EMBL’s six European sites

Technology transfer

EMBL’s technology portfolio includes enabling technologies, scientific instruments, molecular tools and techniques, software, and databases



EMBL’s site in Spain specialises in tissue biology and disease modelling


Located on the EPN science campus, EMBL’s site in France is a centre for structural biology studies


Research in structural biology benefits from the powerful accelerator facilities on Hamburg’s DESY campus


EMBL’s headquarters and host to five research units and scientific core facilities


EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute uses its comprehensive data resources to enable discoveries worldwide


EMBL’s site in Italy is a centre for research in epigenetics and neurobiology


Support EMBL

Innovation in the life sciences is rooted in fundamental research. Today’s technology and improved living conditions are the fruits of our past investments in science. By supporting EMBL research with your philanthropic contribution, you are enabling progress in its purest form.

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The EMBL Alumni Relations programme fosters connections between the laboratory, its member states, current EMBL staff, EMBL alumni and the public.

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