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EMBL to host first Imaging Centre symposium on 31 May

Colourful vertical panels each show different microscopic images possible with the high-tech tools in EMBL's Imaging Centre
EMBL's Imaging Centre came online in 2021 and will continue to expand the cutting-edge imaging services and training it provides to users – much like this artistic visual summary of microscopy techniques. Credit: Isabel Romero Calvo/EMBL

Three Nobel laureates are among the eight speakers who will discuss the various scales of imaging at EMBL’s first Imaging Centre symposium on 31 May in Heidelberg.

The symposium will be held onsite at EMBL and include tours of its new Imaging Centre, introducing participants to the facility and its staff and featuring talks on the rapid developments in imaging technologies that have led to notable biological and medical discoveries. Two poster sessions will provide opportunities for participants to present their research and to network with EMBL’s technology developers and industry partners.

“This symposium is exactly the kind of forum we hoped to host amidst the cutting-edge technology in EMBL’s new Imaging Centre,” said Jan Ellenberg, head of EMBL’s Imaging Centre and the Cell Biology and Biophysics Unit. “The Centre is designed to be a hub for sharing technology and expertise, and providing training and conversations that push the boundaries of what the latest imaging technology can achieve.”

Symposium talks will include:

Today, outstanding advances in electron and light microscopy enable us to directly visualise the molecular machinery of life at an unprecedented level of detail. EMBL’s Imaging Centre provides a synergistic portfolio of imaging services, such as structural imaging via cryo-electron microscopy, the latest super-resolution microscopy techniques, and organismal imaging via multi-photon microscopy. It offers these services to international users from both academia and industry to enable new ground-breaking research across biological scales. 

Additionally, EMBL staff offer expertise to provide training and share these technologies with the research and service community from EMBL’s member states and beyond. Services include bespoke support in sample preparation, image acquisition, and image data analysis, tailored to address the biological questions studied by the visiting researchers.

Symposium registration is limited and closes by 13 May. For more information and to register, click on this link.

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