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Close-up photograph of servers at EMBL Heidelberg's data centre.

Understanding the role of our genes in SARS-CoV-2 infections

EMBL scientists will contribute to the new German COVID-19 OMICS Initiative to study the biological mechanisms contributing to coronavirus infections. EMBL group leaders Jan Korbel and Oliver Stegle, who is also affiliated with the DKFZ Heidelberg, will coordinate the set-up of IT infrastructures to support the collection, distribution, and analysis of genomic data from COVID-19 patients.

By Marius Bruer


DNA damage and repair jointly leave mutational signatures in the genome.

DNA damage and faulty repair jointly cause mutations

DNA mutations are caused by a combination of DNA damage and repair, shows study by EMBL-EBI and collaborators.

By Mehdi Khadraoui


Collage of images representing wet and dry lab research and healthcare

Why share data during a pandemic?

In March 2020, planes were grounded, streets went quiet, and our lives changed forever. But while the world came to a halt, many scientists were ramping up their efforts to understand the new virus.

By Oana Stroe


COVID-19 Data Portal logo on globe background

EMBL-EBI launches COVID-19 Data Portal

The new collaborative space will help scientists, public health and healthcare professionals around the world to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

By Oana Stroe


Analysis of human genomes in the cloud

Scientists from EMBL present a tool for large-scale analysis of genomic data with cloud computing. Main advantages of the new tool, called Butler, are continuous system monitoring and its ability to self-heal in case of failure, allowing for 43% more efficient data processing than previous approaches. The tool was developed for the Pan-Cancer project. The […]

By Mathias Jäger


TF bound to DNA

A classification tool for transcription factors

The software diffTF quantifies activity of transcription factors and predicts their mode of action

By Fabian Oswald


Artist's impression of phosphosite and machine learning

Machine learning finds critical phosphosites

Resource has implications for disease research

By Vicky Hatch


Emma Colliver and Sampurna Mukherjee discuss science, PhD life and more at the EMBL–Crick PhD Symposium.

Science date: The Crick meets EMBL

Crick and EMBL PhDs talk science over coffee

By Oana Stroe


Scientist and three children with large DNA helix model

Convention on the Rights of the Child stored in DNA

Children's rights stored in synthetic DNA

By Oana Stroe


Microbiomes take the stage at New Scientist Live

On microbiomes, public engagement and not being boring

By Guest author(s)



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