Wolfgang Huber becomes ISCB Fellow

The contribution of EMBL Group Leader and Senior Scientist Wolfgang Huber has been recognised by the International Society for Computational Biology

Wolfgang Huber faces the camera smiling
Credit: Wolfgang Huber

The International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB) has selected Wolfgang Huber as one of 13 distinguished scientists to be awarded ISCB Fellow status in the Class of 2021. 

ISCB is the leading professional society for members of the computational biology and bioinformatics communities. The society’s Fellows programme, created in 2009, seeks to highlight outstanding contributions in the fields of computational biology and bioinformatics. 

Wolfgang Huber develops statistical methods for biological data science and uses them for biological discovery science and applications in precision oncology. Huber is a co-founder and contributor to the Bioconductor project, a worldwide bioinformatics open source and open science collaboration. His research group at EMBL collaborates with researchers from statistics, fundamental biology, biomedical, and pharmaceutical research.

Wolfgang Huber joins other EMBL colleagues as an ISCB Fellow, including Rolf Apweiler, Alex Bateman, Ewan Birney, Paul Flicek, and Janet Thornton.

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