EU Codefest

EU Codefest participants came to EMBL-EBI from North America, Japan, Australia and all over Europe to pool their expertise in programming and problem solving.

Coders came from near and far to attend the event at EMBL-EBI

The coders used all manner of programming languages, including those for high-performance computing and pipeline building, to tackle problems in bioinformatics such as how to compress data from genome sequencing efficiently. The event featured a hands-on BioJS tutorial and a demonstration of the semantic-web-based, ‘D3’ visualisations for biological data by Toshiaki Katayama.

Tags: Bioinformatics, EMBL-EBI, Interdisciplinary

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Picture of the week

This image is a composite of lateral pentascolopidial organs, a wing imaginal disc pouch, and an epithelial wound in a Drosophila larva. The organs are arranged here like eyelashes. Cells surrounding an epidermal wound appear as the iris and pupil of this artistic eye.

By  Mathias Jäger

Different parts of a fruit fly arranged into an artificial green eye.


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