Rob Meijers and Stephane Boivin at the Sample Preparation and Characterisation facility. PHOTO: EMBL/Rosemary Wilson

How to make a protein happy

Protein screens developed at EMBL Hamburg now commercially…

By Rosemary Wilson


Bernard Jacrot in the late 1960s. IMAGE: ILL

Obituary: Bernard Jacrot

Former Head of EMBL Grenoble passed away on 21 January 2016 at the age of…

By Sonia Furtado Neves


Kim Remans heads EMBL's Protein Expression and Purification Core Facility. PHOTO: EMBL Photolab/Marietta Schupp

Welcome: Kim Remans

"We’re open! We’re open to working with everybody, we’re open to new…

By Sonia Furtado Neves

Lab Matters

A peroxisome containing protein crystals is hit by a free-electron laser. IMAGE: EMBL/CFEL, Thomas Seine

The cellular crystal factory

Hamburg collaborators analyse protein crystals inside the cells that made…

By Rosemary Wilson


Full length CTP1L protein (green) in complex with truncated C-terminal domain (violet). IMAGE: Rob Meijers

One gene, two proteins, one complex

Further insights into how viral enzymes degrade the cell walls of Clostridia…

By Rosemary Wilson


Vasily Sysoev, right, hosts Prakash Balasubramanian and Lars Steinmetz at Science Tonight.

Playing with science

Scientist and showman: PhD student Vasily Sysoev shares his passion for…

By Giorgia Guglielmi


Parallel single-cell profiling. Angermueller et al., Nature Methods 2016

Linking DNA modification and gene expression

New method is first to enable parallel profiling of the transcriptome and epigenome of a single…

By Mary Todd Bergman



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