EMBL researchers and collaborators enjoy their EMBL pints.

A pint of EMBL science

EMBL and Pint of Science join forces to entertain and educate…

By Emma Steer


Intermediate detection in capsid formation of the lumazine synthase enzyme. CREDIT: Aleksandra Krolik / EMBL

Reconstructing 3D shapes from unmeasurable data

Scientists at EMBL Hamburg determine shapes of intermediate states in dynamic biological systems…

By Iris Kruijen


Maria Garcia Alai at the Sample Preparation and Characterisation Facility at EMBL Hamburg. PHOTO: EMBL/Joanna Pieprzyk

Welcome: Maria Garcia Alai

The new head of facility at EMBL Hamburg will help users solve protein puzzles…

By Emma Steer


Netrin-1 bound to Draxin

Axon guidance and bundling are linked

EMBL scientists discover how two guidance cues work together when neurons project axons across the midline…

By Sonia Furtado Neves


Your favourite reads of 2017

A look back at some of the most read stories on EMBL’s news website this year…

By Berta Carreño

Lab Matters

Collage of photos of some humans of EMBL discussed in this article

Humans of EMBL: Curiosity

EMBLers across all sites share how their curiosity about the world shapes their everyday life…

By Berta Carreño

Lab Matters

The beamlines at PETRA III logo and Max von Laue hallwith an DESY-Day apple

Hands-on science inspires Hamburg

20,000 visitors get sneak peek at giant particle accelerators at DESY DAY in Hamburg…

By Guest author(s)


Ceremonial hand-over of the CSSB key:

CSSB: A new approach to infectious disease

Inside the Centre for Structural Systems Biology…

By Rosemary Wilson


The future is bright as XFEL opens its doors

Newly opened European X-Ray Free-Electron Laser celebrates start of user operations…

By Margaux Phares


CSSB opens its doors

On 29 June, at a ceremony in front of 700 guests, the Centre for Structural Systems Biology (CSSB) in Hamburg, was officially opened. At the event on the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY) Campus in Hamburg, Helmut Dosch, Chairman of the DESY Board of Directors, presented Head of EMBL Hamburg…

By Laura Howes

Lab Matters


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