A thirst for science

How drinking beer with EMBL promotes science

EMBL scientists in a bar for the event Pint of Science
Our scientists enjoy some EMBL pints. IMAGE: Carla Manzanas/EMBL

Last week, EMBL got together with the global science festival Pint of Science to explain and celebrate science. Our scientists in Barcelona, Grenoble, Hamburg and Heidelberg left their labs, went to pubs and shared their research with hundreds of science enthusiasts while having a beer. Here are some reactions from the audience:

I’d never heard people speak so passionately about science before.

It’s important for scientists to present their work. Especially for people like me who know nothing about science, it’s important for us to know what’s happening in that world. Many things might be relevant to our everyday lives.

They explain really well what they do, even if it’s a complicated subject.

Pint of Science will be back in 2020 – and EMBL researchers will again be involved.


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