Leukaemia blood cells

Leukaemia roots detectable years before diagnosis

Acute myloid leukaemia risk could be detected years before diagnosis

By Oana Stroe


Information (arrows) emanating out of chromatin to give rise to different cell types. IMAGE: Campbell Medical Illustration

Chromatin usage reveals developmental trajectories

EMBL scientists show how chromatin usage in individual cells reveals developmental trajectories

By Iris Kruijen


Netrin-1 bound to Draxin

Axon guidance and bundling are linked

EMBL scientists discover how two guidance cues work together when neurons project axons across the midline

By Sonia Furtado Neves


Synchronised waves control embryonic patterning

Synchronised waves control embryonic patterning

EMBL scientists show that the rhythm between Wnt and Notch waves enables patterning in embryos.

By Iris Kruijen


Retinoic acid signalling is crucial for the marine worm’s nervous system (green) to develop

Insights into the evolution of a signalling molecule

EMBL scientists discover how a molecule’s role changes from simple metabolite to instructive signal

By Emma Steer


A photo of new EMBL Heidelberg group leader Aissam Ikmi.

Welcome: Aissam Ikmi

New group leader studies sea anemones to investigate why some animals regenerate better than others

By Sarah B. Puschmann


Lab manager Anna Cyrklaff takes a tray of fly specimens to be transferred into new vials

Behind the scenes in the Fly Room

Curious about what goes on in EMBL’s Fly Room? Prepare to be a fly on the wall

By Edward Dadswell

Lab Matters

Fotis was EMBL's third Director-General. PHOTO: EMBL

Obituary: Fotis Kafatos

Former EMBL Director General Fotis Kafatos passes away

By Guest author(s)


Research highlights

A summary of recent research highlights from EMBL

By Berta Carreño


Fly with no wings

What bizarre flies have taught us

Five things researchers have learned from bizarre fruit flies

By Sonia Furtado Neves



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