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Map showing institutes involved with EMBL in Twinning projects

EMBL shares expertise with four European institutes

Three international teams involving EMBL Heidelberg have been granted funding from the European Commission for three Twinning projects with institutes in Portugal and the Czech Republic.

By Marius Bruer

Lab Matters

Map of Europe, highlighting Luxembourg

Luxembourg funds research collaborations with EMBL

2020 call now open for FNR funding of bilateral projects between EMBL and Luxembourg

By Cella Carr

Lab Matters

Building Euro-BioImaging

EMBL’s Jan Ellenberg reflects on the process of forming a European research infrastructure

By Guest author(s)

Lab Matters

mitf stammer

Understanding a key player in melanoma

A new paper describes a unique mechanism of partner selectivity in transcription factors.

By Fabian Oswald


Emma Colliver and Sampurna Mukherjee discuss science, PhD life and more at the EMBL–Crick PhD Symposium.

Science date: The Crick meets EMBL

Crick and EMBL PhDs talk science over coffee

By Oana Stroe


Scientist and three children with large DNA helix model

Convention on the Rights of the Child stored in DNA

Children's rights stored in synthetic DNA

By Oana Stroe


The Old Port of Marseille.

EMBL and Tara: Marseille

From 27–30 September, Tara will be docked in the port of Marseille, France’s second largest city.

By Cella Carr


Isidro Cortes-Ciriano

Welcome: Isidro Cortés-Ciriano

Exploring the cancer genomics labyrinth

By Oana Stroe


Protein-inspired paintings from the 2019 PDB Art Exhibition. PHOTO: Oana Stroe/EMBL-EBI

Exploring the beauty of proteins

Schoolchildren get creative with 3D protein structures

By Oana Stroe


Eric Karsenti in Hamburg

We all come from the ocean

Eric Karsenti's combined loves of biology and sailing set in motion the Tara Oceans expedition

By Fabian Oswald



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