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From cosmetics to blood cells

Morgan Oatley and her colleagues in Christophe Lancrin’s group investigated how haematopoietic stem cells emerge from the endothelium in developing mouse embryos.

By Mathias Jäger

Picture of the week

Choanocyte chamber of sponge, with neuroid cell

Neural pathways

Exploring the diverse routes by which EMBL scientists are driving forward neurobiology

By Cella Carr


A mix of sensations

Traditionally, we talk about having five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. In reality, our bodies are capable of much more. Sitting right under our skin are a variety of sensory neurons, which are specialised in detecting light touch, pain, temperature, itch or the body’s position. What you see in this picture is a […]

By Doreen Feike

Picture of the week

Fallingwater filled with mice

Nadia Rosenthal describes how she built EMBL Rome’s mouse house

By Guest author(s)


Tara in Barcelona

Snapshots from Mission Microplastics

Highlights from the Tara stopovers in Rome, Marseille, and Barcelona

By Cella Carr


Tara stopover in Rome

EMBL and Tara: Rome

The next stop on Tara’s journey will be at the mouth of the Tiber

By Fabian Oswald


From rodents to roadsters

Klaus Rajewsky recalls the pioneering spirit of EMBL Rome’s first years

By Josh Tapley


PHOTO: Massimo Del Prete/EMBL

Buon compleanno! Celebrating 20 years of EMBL Rome

Friends old and new mark the occasion in style

By Cella Carr


A model of CRISPR/Cas9

Wielding the genetic scissors

What CRISPR may bring for the future of biology, and how it is used at EMBL

By Fabian Oswald


EIPOD4 logo banner showing the 4 available tracks, research, industrial, clinical and academic.

EIPOD4: 2019 applications are open

EIPOD4 will prepare researchers for the increasing interdisciplinarity of scientific career paths

By Josh Tapley

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