Banner with two logos sits atop of a black backround and a zoomed-in photo of microscopic objects

EMBL and Tara Ocean Foundation sail forward with formalised cooperation

The EMBL-Tara Ocean Foundation collaboration will expand opportunities to jointly explore molecular connections between ocean and…

By Ivy Kupec

Lab Matters

Microscopy image of radiolarians - unicellular organisms found in the upper layers of the ocean. They are major exporters of organic carbon to the deep ocean.

Microbiomes help predict the future of the Atlantic

Microbiomes, plastics, and connectivity – AtlantECO aims to understand the fabric of the Atlantic…

By Oana Stroe


Tara in Barcelona

Snapshots from Mission Microplastics

Highlights from the Tara stopovers in Rome, Marseille, and…

By Cella Carr


EMBL and Tara: Barcelona

EMBL joins Tara in Barcelona to promote science and…

By Josh Tapley


The Old Port of Marseille.

EMBL and Tara: Marseille

From 27–30 September, Tara will be docked in the port of Marseille, France’s second largest…

By Cella Carr


Discover the research schooner Tara and her new microplastics mission in the Barcelona harbour on 4 October

When: Friday, 4 October at 16:30 – 18:00. Where: The press conference will be held on the Tara schooner at the Port…

By Guest author(s)


Discover the research schooner Tara and her new microplastics mission in the Old Port of Marseille on 27 September

What: A press conference on the new Tara mission on microplastics and the Tara Ocean Foundation’s cooperation with EMBL. The press briefing…

By Guest author(s)


Tara stopover in Rome

EMBL and Tara: Rome

The next stop on Tara’s journey will be at the mouth of the…

By Fabian Oswald


Juan Reguera and Eva Kowalinski

EMBL in France: where science meets the sea

September’s alumni event in Marseille will coincide with a…

By Cella Carr


Discover the research schooner Tara and her new microplastics mission in the Rome harbour on 13 September

When: Friday 13 September at 14:30.Where: The press conference will be held on the Tara schooner at the Porto Turistico di Roma (Lungomare…

By Guest author(s)


Eric Karsenti in Hamburg

We all come from the ocean

Eric Karsenti's combined loves of biology and sailing set in motion the Tara Oceans…

By Fabian Oswald


Tara in the harbour in Hamburg.

EMBL joins Tara stopovers in London and Hamburg

Tara schooner welcomes on board journalists, policymakers, funders and…

By Iris Kruijen



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