EMBL group leader Georgia Rapti

Welcome: Georgia Rapti

The nervous system has fascinated Georgia Rapti ever since her first introduction to biology. Her research group in the Developmental Biology unit…

By Cella Carr

Lab Matters

Choanocyte chamber of sponge, with neuroid cell

Neural pathways

Exploring the diverse routes by which EMBL scientists are driving forward…

By Cella Carr


Tara stopover in Rome

EMBL and Tara: Rome

The next stop on Tara’s journey will be at the mouth of the…

By Fabian Oswald


Susumu Tonegawa

Exploring the principles of episodic memory

Nobel prize laureate Susumu Tonegawa describes his work in memory research over the past…

By Fabian Oswald


BRAINCITY is an independent unit at the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology in Warsaw, Poland. PHOTO: Michalj2 (CC BY-SA 4.0)

EMBL partners with BRAINCITY

EMBL begins partnership with Polish centre of excellence for neural plasticity and brain…

By Cella Carr

Lab Matters

Lola Ledesma. PHOTO: Jose Antonio Pérez/CBMSO

EMBL in Spain: Lola Ledesma

EMBL alumni and researchers working throughout Spain met in…

By Emma Steer


Multiple synapse heads send out filopodia (green) converging on one microglia (red), as seen by focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy (FIBSEM).

Captured: microglia nibbling on brain synapses

For the first time, EMBL Rome researchers have captured microglia nibbling on brain synapses on…

By Iris Kruijen


Rosa Paolicelli holds her trophy, a 3D printed microglia. Mariko Bennett and Cornelius Gross stand either side of her

First Ben Barres Prize awarded at EMBO Microglia

EMBL Group Leader creates Ben Barres Prize to support talented young…

By Isabelle Kling

Lab Matters

Netrin-1 bound to Draxin

Axon guidance and bundling are linked

EMBL scientists discover how two guidance cues work together when neurons project axons across the…

By Sonia Furtado Neves


This mouse ovary and these immature eggs (in blue), can be used to study patterns of DNA methylation that affect only females.

Welcome: Matthieu Boulard

New EMBL group leader investigates the mystery of heritable gene…

By Sarah B. Puschmann


New name for EMBL’s site in Italy

EMBL’s unit in Italy changes name to better reflect new research focuses and highlight its…

By Isabelle Kling

Lab Matters

Senses: Fathoming fear

EMBL’s Cornelius Gross wants to understand fear responses and the brain circuitry that governs…

By Guest author(s)



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