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EMBL Rome was established in 1999 to apply EMBL’s approach to research to the study of mammalian physiology and g­­enetics. Today, research at the site focuses on the interdisciplinary investigation of epigenetics and neurobiology: EMBL Rome connects under one roof experts studying the control of gene expression with those examining sensory processing and behavioural control. The common theme explored in numerous projects across the site is how changes in gene expression and brain plasticity enable organisms to adapt to their environment.

The interdisciplinary focus and relatively small size of the Unit foster a special atmosphere that exemplifies the founding principles of EMBL as a dynamic, open and collaborative environment where new scientific ideas are born and shaped. In addition to research, the institute operates a set of core facilities supporting internal and external researchers to establish and deliver cutting-edge tools and technologies.

Researchers at EMBL Rome take advantage of close links with EMBL’s sites in Germany, France, Spain and the UK. These include collaborations with data science experts at EMBL-EBI in Hinxton, with structural biologists at EMBL Hamburg and EMBL Grenoble, and a wide range of molecular biologists and technology experts at EMBL Heidelberg and EMBL Barcelona that host a series of complementary core facilities in genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and imaging.

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Epigenetic mechanisms and intergenerational inheritance

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The Christian Boulin Fellowships support travel and accommodation costs for young scientists visiting facilities at the EMBL sites, so they can learn and use the latest scientific techniques and advance their research projects.

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19 June 2018 Kristina Havas-Cavalletti

Metabolism, epigenetic and breast cancer

Kristina Havas-Cavalletti One thing which particularly intrigues me from my work at EMBL is the role of fat molecules, or lipids, in the dormant tumour cell population. We’ve been developing methods to study proteins which interact with lipid droplets in these cells. We also want to better understand the interplay between lipid droplets and mitochondria – the cell’s energy powerhouses.

30 November 2018 Ilaria Ferlenghi

What does it take to create a vaccine?

Ilaria Ferlenghi In the summer of 1999, Ilaria Ferlenghi sat at a microscope, staring intensely at the greyscale image swimming into and out of focus on screen. She was inside the microscopy facility at EMBL’s Heidelberg site, using one of two cryo-electron microscopes. Within the blur, she was searching for a glimpse of the tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV) – a virus for which south-west Germany is particularly renowned.

27 April 2017 Riccardo Cortese

Life of a great scientist and innovator

Riccardo Cortese Riccardo created opportunities, and the number of people that benefitted from them is countless. He was a teacher for all those that crossed his path, in the best tradition of a real “Professor” of science and life. The regret for those that knew him is that most of us did not have a chance to say: “We love you”.


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