Epigenetics and Neurobiology

The Epigenetics and Neurobiology Unit connects under one roof experts studying the control of gene expression with those examining sensory processing and behavioural control.

Research at the Unit focuses on the interdisciplinary investigation of epigenetics and neurobiology. The scientific activity is supported by a full range of on-site core facilities including gene editing and virus engineering, light imaging, flow cytometry, and an efficient and user friendly administration. Additional support for our researchers is available through collaborations with data science experts at EMBL-EBI in Hinxton, with structural biologists at EMBL Hamburg and EMBL Grenoble, and a wide range of molecular biologists and technology experts at EMBL Heidelberg and EMBL Barcelona that host a series of complementary core facilities in genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and imaging.

The interdisciplinary focus and relatively small size of the Unit foster a special atmosphere that exemplifies the founding principles of EMBL as a dynamic, open and collaborative environment where new scientific ideas are born and shaped.

Current research at EMBL Rome

The common theme explored in numerous projects across the site is how changes in gene expression and brain plasticity enable organisms to adapt to their environment.

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Hackett group

Epigenetic mechanisms and intergenerational inheritance

Epigenetics and Neurobiology

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