EMBL Rome officially opened in 1999.

Opening of EMBL Rome
Grand opening of the extension to the Monterotondo mouse facility, 2003

2024 – Microscopy and Histology facilities merge into the Light Imaging Facility (LIF); Gene editing and Viral engineering facilities merge into the Gene Editing and Virus Facility (GEVF)

2023 – Refurbishment works start

2023ERC Advanced Grant awarded to Cornelius Gross

2023ERC Consolidator Grant awarded to Jamie Hackett

2022New Host Site Agreement signed with the Government of the Italian Republic

2022Cornelius Gross elected as EMBO member

2022MoU renewal signed with Sapienza University

2021Scientific Agreement signed with the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT)

2021MoU signed with the Italian Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR)

2021Ana Boskovic joins EMBL Rome

2020 – Cornelius Gross takes over as interim Head of Unit

2019Tara Mission Microplastics ocean schooner stopover in Rome

2018Santiago Rompani joins EMBL Rome

2018 – Refurbishment of the campus canteen

2017First annual ‘Summer in Science’ programme launched with Adamas Scienza

2017Mouse Biology Unit becomes Epigenetics & Neurobiology Unit; EMBL Monterotondo becomes EMBL Rome

2017 – Signature of CNR-EMBL agreement for the refurbishment of EMBL premises in Monterotondo

2017Mathieu Boulard joins EMBL Rome

2016Jamie Hackett joins EMBL Rome

2016Hiroki Asari joins EMBL Rome

2014 – Launch of EMBL-Sapienza seminars in Neurobiology & Epigenetics

2013 – ERC Advanced Grant awarded to Cornelius Gross

2013 – ERC Consolidator Grant awarded to Donal O'Carroll

2012 – ERC Starting Grant awarded to Rocio Sotillo

2012 – Phil Avner takes over as Head of Unit

2010 – Establishment of the Microscopy Facility (since 2024 part of LIF)

2007 – Establishment of the Histology Service (since 2024 part of LIF)

2004 – Gene Expression Core Facility founded (renamed as Genetic and Viral Engineering Facility – GAVEF; since 2024 part of GEVF)

2003 – Establishment of the animal facility (renamed as Laboratory Animal Resources - LAR)

2002 – Transgenic Facility Founded (renamed as Gene Editing and Embryology Facility – GEEF; since 2024 part of GEVF)

2001 – Nadia Rosenthal takes over as Coordinator of the Mouse Biology Programme

1999 – Host site agreement signed with the Italian Republic establishing EMBL site in Italy

1997 – Founding of EMBL Monterotondo Mouse Biology Programme

1996 – Klaus Rajewsky takes up the post of Programme Coordinator

1994 – EMBL Council and Director General Fotis Kafatos commit to establishing a Mouse Biology Programme in Monterotondo, with four research groups

EMBL’s site in Italy is a centre for research in Epigenetics and Neurobiology