EMBL Rome Administration

The discovery of a new culture as well as moving to a new country can prove to be complicated and difficult. EMBL Rome's Administration team have international experience and are aware of the complexities that arise when arriving in a new country.

The team offers a wide range of services to facilitate the integration of newcomers, welcoming them to the EMBL site and helping them through administrative procedures. Administrative support is offered to all employees covering all aspects of their working life: day-to-day paperwork, purchase orders, grants, scheduling meetings, travel arrangements, and more such as the procurement of your 'Codice Fiscale' and your 'Carta d'Identita'.

The team aims to assist all staff with flexibility and timeliness, providing a high-standard service in order to assist EMBL in maintaining excellence in research. Before you even arrive at the EMBL Rome campus in Monterotondo, the team will be in touch to ensure that you have all necessary documents needed for your arrival and to see if you have any concerns or questions in advance of relocating.


EMBL Rome Administration

Via Ramarini 32
00015 Monterotondo (RM), Italy

Tel: +39 06900 91339
Fax: +39 06900 91406
E-mail: admin@embl.it

With more than 200 staff, in all support areas, ranging from caretakers and gardeners to senior management staff, EMBL Administration provides administrative support to more than 1600 members of personnel from in excess of 75 nations.