Light Imaging Facility

Advanced light microscopy instrumentation and sample preparation services

The Light Imaging Facility (LIF) provide users with training and support to help with experimental design, processing tissue samples, imaging data acquistion and image analysis.


The LIF houses a large variety of state-of the art light microscopy systems ranging from basic stereo microscopes, widefield and confocal to the latest light sheet technology.

The LIF also provides access to offline workstations and virtual machines for image processing, visualization and analysis of data.

The histology services within the LIF provides assistance to mouse biology research scientists in processing tissue samples for both standard and novel histochemical and immunostaining procedures. New users are trained in sample preparation and sectioning with the available equipment.

The LIF participates actively in technology development to provide access to novel sample and imaging methods, such as spatial transcriptomics or expansion microscopy, please contact us for further information.

We appreciate working with you — good imaging!