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Cella is a writer and editor. As Editorial Officer in the Communications team she spent her days chatting to smart people about science, and writing their stories for EMBLetc. Red hair is the source of her superpowers (this has yet to be proven by science).


Articles by Cella Carr

Photo of recording equipment.

The history of EMBL in many voices

Stories from EMBL’s past are captured via the EMBL Archive’s Oral Histories programme

By Cella Carr

Lab Matters

Map of Europe, highlighting Luxembourg

Luxembourg funds research collaborations with EMBL

2020 call now open for FNR funding of bilateral projects between EMBL and Luxembourg

By Cella Carr

Lab Matters

Protecting data in the cloud

Cloud computing offers unprecedented opportunities for global-scale research collaborations. It also presents a unique set of challenges in terms of data protection and the ethics of data sharing.

By Cella Carr


Scientists identify new genetic drivers of cancer

Analysis of whole cancer genomes gives key insights into the role of the non-coding genome in cancer

By Cella Carr


Meytal Landau with Thomas Dobner, Katharina Fegebank and Matthias Wilmanns

Meytal Landau: a visiting researcher in Hamburg

Strengthening ties between EMBL and Israel through the Scientific Visitor Programme

By Cella Carr


Maria Bernabeu

Welcome: Maria Bernabeu

New group leader at EMBL Barcelona is investigating how malaria affects the human circulatory system

By Cella Carr




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