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Bone marrow in 3D

Researchers have developed new methods to reveal the 3D-organisation of bone marrow at a single cell level

By Mathias Jäger


Lars Steinmetz and Georgios Skiniotis

EMBL in the USA: future facing

Scientists will discuss the challenges ahead for international science at the EMBL in the USA event.

By Cella Carr


Guest looking at a panel at the REMIX exhibition produced for the European Researchers’ Night 2018

Advancing science and new perspectives

On 20 February, over 250 local supporters and friends met Edith Heard to celebrate a successful year

By Patrick Mueller


The strands of RNA within a single yeast cell can now be studied across the entire genome. IMAGE: Tobias Wüstefeld

New method to study gene expression in yeast cells

Scientists develop high-throughput yeast single-cell RNA sequencing method

By Josh Tapley


New Platform Transforms CRISPR Gene Editor Into Precision Tool. IMAGE: Irvine/NIST

CRISPR: from clipping scissors to word processor

New platform transforms CRISPR gene editor into precision tool

By Iris Kruijen


European Research Council (ERC)

EMBL researchers awarded prestigious ERC grants

Takashi Hiiragi and Lars Steinmetz received Advanced Grants from the European Research Council (ERC)

By Berta Carreño

Lab Matters

Colorised scanning electron micrograph of red blood cell infected with malaria parasites (blue); uninfected cells with a smooth red surface. IMAGE: (CC BY 2.0)

Mapping malaria

First detailed atlas of start points for genes expression in malaria-causing parasite

By Dan Jones


Vasily Sysoev, right, hosts Prakash Balasubramanian and Lars Steinmetz at Science Tonight.

Playing with science

Scientist and showman: PhD student Vasily Sysoev shares his passion for outreach.

By Giorgia Guglielmi


Organiser Lars Steinmetz invites young researchers to the conference. PHOTO: EMBL Photolab/Claudiu Grozea

Make it personal

Leading scientists will gather in Heidelberg this November to discuss the potential of personalised health.

By Nicola Vegiopoulos


To train T-cells to recognise our own body, cells in the thymus express different combinations of 'extra' genes. IMAGE: EMBL/P.RIEDINGER

Know your cells

How T-cells are trained on what not to kill

By Sonia Furtado Neves



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