19 December 2023 Cartoon showing nanoparticles on a conveyer belt passing through a machine. They are ordered by size and the smallest one pass through the machine before the bigger ones. A ray of light enters the machine, where a nanoparticle is being scanned, and leaves it on the other side. A monitor on top of the scanning machine shows an X-ray of a nanoparticle.

‘X-ray vision’ for investigation of mRNA nanomedicines

Science EMBL Hamburg, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Postnova Analytics GmbH, and BioNTech SE have developed a new method to quantitatively investigate sizes of nanoparticles containing mRNA. It may become an important part of regular characterisation of mRNA nanomedicines in the future.



27 November 2023 Photo of two people brainstorming at the table covered with several papers and images related to the research project, such as the structure of the molecule, a map with the Solar Lake marked, photo of EMBL Hamburg, photo of Garo Antranikian looking into a microscope, pages of the manuscript, data graphs, and more.

Hamburg collaboration paves the way to cleaner technologies for industry

Science An interdisciplinary collaboration between Hamburg scientists has yielded new insights into the structure and function of a heat-resistant enzyme from an exotic microbe. In this interview, EMBL Hamburg’s Matthias Wilmanns and TUHH’s Garo Antranikian discuss how their collaboration developed and…



15 November 2023 Female scientist

Advocating for a generalist approach to science and life

EMBLetc Sara Fahs, who did her PhD from EMBL Heidelberg and is one of the newest members of the EMBL alumni association board, writes about key insights from her journey in science and her work on medicinal chemistry, during a career spanning academia and industry.


2 October 2023 Outline of a human, purple against red background. Red RNA strand in the background, electrocardiogram across the image. On the right, outline of a Nobel prize medal.

mRNA nanomedicines scoop Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Science Pioneers of the mRNA nanomedicines technology receive 2023 Nobel Prize in Physiology or medicine. EMBL is pleased to have supported the development of the application of the mRNA nanomedicine technology through our long-standing collaboration with BioNTech, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and…



21 September 2023 Man standing outside

Welcome: David Hulcoop

Announcements, Lab Matters David Hulcoop discusses how his experience bridging organisational cultures will help address critical challenges in drug discovery and target selection at Open Targets.



21 January 2022 The cross-section of a cell expressing a green fluorescently tagged protein and illuminated by a blue laser is visible in the foreground, surrounded by a vortex of cells

Cell sorting enters a new dimension

Science EMBL researchers, in collaboration with BD Biosciences, have demonstrated a new technology that allows rapid image-based sorting of cells. The new technology represents a major upgrade to flow cytometry and has applications in diverse life science fields.



7 December 2021 A cartoon image showing a person's arm and a needle with a vaccine being injected into it. The text on the left reads: "EMBL research: How structural biologists at EMBL Hamburg help to develop and improve RNA vaccines"

How structural biology helps to make RNA vaccines

Science RNA vaccines, such as the ones for COVID-19, represent a new approach in vaccine technology. Cy Jeffries, faculty staff scientist at EMBL Hamburg, explains the clever technology behind RNA vaccines, and how structural biology contributes to its development. EMBL Hamburg collaborated on several…



15 June 2020 Arise logo

Life sciences open their doors for engineers

Lab Matters The European Molecular Biology Laboratory has secured 6.8 million Euros funding from the European Commission to launch a unique training programme. The ARISE Programme will train and develop Europe’s next generation leadership for research infrastructures in the life sciences.



28 November 2018 EIPOD postdocs work together as part of the Corporate Summer School.

Science in industry

Events EMBL postdocs discover industry-led research opportunities at the Corporate Summer School



30 August 2016

Fundraising dimensions

Events Alumnus and entrepreneur Marc Zabeau speaks at inaugural Life Science Funders and Foundations event



8 February 2016 Biogen joins the CTTV

Biogen joins CTTV

Lab Matters Pioneering target validation collaboration expands to accelerate drug discovery research.



13 July 2015

EIPOD goes cubic

Lab Matters EI3POD: flagship interdisciplinary postdoc programme opens its doors to academia and industry.



29 April 2015

Inside industry: Part II

Alumni Alumni in senior positions in industry share career challenges, highlights and EMBL’s continuing role.



1 July 2014

Resourceful alumni

Alumni Two EMBL alumni, each developing community-led tools to support life science research



25 June 2014

On target

Lab Matters A new EMBL-EBI biomedical initiative works to determine the best target proteins for new drugs.



9 August 2006

EMBL scientists found start-up company to develop anti-cancer drugs

Lab Matters Today EMBL scientists, EMBL’s commercial affiliate, EMBL Enterprise Management Technology Transfer GmbH (EMBLEM) and EMBL’s venture vehicle, EMBL Ventures GmbH, announce the foundation of Elara Pharmaceuticals GmbH, a start-up company that will translate basic research findings into new…



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