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Isabelle Kling

Isabelle Kling trained as a biochemist and science communicator, before setting up various science communication projects in Canada and in Europe. She is now a communication officer with EMBL.


Articles by Isabelle Kling

Rosa Paolicelli holds her trophy, a 3D printed microglia. Mariko Bennett and Cornelius Gross stand either side of her

First Ben Barres Prize awarded at EMBO Microglia

EMBL Group Leader creates Ben Barres Prize to support talented young neuroscientists

By Isabelle Kling

Lab Matters

A birdview of European Photon and Neutron sciences campus. PHOTO by ILL

EMBL and ESRF renew collaboration agreement

EMBL and the European synchrotron ESRF extend their Joint Structural Biology Group

By Isabelle Kling

Lab Matters

New name for EMBL’s site in Italy

EMBL’s unit in Italy changes name to better reflect new research focuses and highlight its location

By Isabelle Kling

Lab Matters

Strengthening links with Italian research community

EMBL’s Monterotondo site strengthens links with the Italian scientific community

By Isabelle Kling

Lab Matters

New Crystallography platform inaugurated

A new crystallography platform in Grenoble opens the door to new technological developments

By Isabelle Kling

Lab Matters

Gene editing 3.0

Emmanuelle Charpentier sheds light on how CRISPR-Cas9 went from side project to global revolution

By Isabelle Kling




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