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Finding your way around Platynereis dumerilii

EMBL researchers combine multiple datasets to develop expandable atlas of an entire animal

By Marius Bruer


Mapping space inside the cell

In this image, Julian Hennies from the Schwab Team has reconstructed the 3D structure of a human cell's organelles.

By Mehdi Khadraoui

Picture of the week

Look at these curves!

The image shown here is a 3D-rendering created by Julian Hennies from the Schwab team.

By Mathias Jäger

Picture of the week

An example virtual map of individual leukaemia cells on a resin section, detected automatically using SerialEM and py-EM.

Breaking the bottleneck in imaging data collection

Scientists develop software tools for automated acquisition of electron microscopy data

By Cella Carr


Multiple synapse heads send out filopodia (green) converging on one microglia (red), as seen by focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy (FIBSEM).

Captured: microglia nibbling on brain synapses

For the first time, EMBL Rome researchers have captured microglia nibbling on brain synapses on film.

By Iris Kruijen


Paris at night. IMAGE: NASA (M. Justin Wilkinson, Texas State University, Jacobs Contract at NASA-JSC)

Life in the periphery

Storage of pre-made nuclear pores allows for rapid cell division in fruit fly embryos

By Margaux Phares


Finding the way with X-Ray

New technique uses X-rays to find landmarks when combining fluorescence and electron microscopy

By Giorgia Guglielmi



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