Director General

Edith Heard

Restructure of senior management

The governing Council of EMBL has approved Director General Edith Heard’s restructure of senior management with effect from 1 July 2020.…

By Terry O'Connor

Lab Matters

Edith Heard wins L’Oréal–UNESCO Award

EMBL Director General recognised alongside four other exceptional women in the life sciences…

By Edward Dadswell

Lab Matters

SPEN protein (green) in living cells. Credit: François Dossin

How females shut off their second X chromosome

Scientists provide important new insights into the molecular basis of X-inactivation…

By Mehdi Khadraoui


Edith’s inauguration

Edith Heard is inaugurated as EMBL Director General…

By Guest author(s)


Edith Heard and Jean-Eric Paquet

Diverse and united: Science in Europe

Edith Heard and Jean-Eric Paquet discuss the future of European science…

By Edward Dadswell

Lab Matters

EMBL's new Director General, Edith Heard.

Edith Heard starts as Director General of EMBL

On January 1 2019, Edith Heard takes up the position of EMBL’s Director General…

By Emma Steer

Lab Matters

In this image of developing cells, fluorescent molecules reveal DNA (blue), part of the X chromosomes (red), and the Xist RNA (white). The green colour shows a region of the cells’ nuclei called the nuclear lamina. IMAGE: Mikael Attia and Edith Heard/Institut Curie

The scientific origins of Edith Heard

EMBL’s next Director General reflects on the questions that drive her research…

By Guest author(s)


Iain Mattaj has been elected as a foreign associate of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of the United States of America.

Iain Mattaj elected NAS foreign associate

EMBL’s Director General has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences of the United States…

By Berta Carreño

Lab Matters

EMBL Council selects next Director General

Edith Heard’s mandate scheduled to begin 1 January 2019…

By Dan Noyes

Lab Matters

Lennart Philipson, 1929-2011.

Obituary – Lennart Philipson

Lennart Philipson, who served as EMBL’s second Director General, has passed away. Lennart headed EMBL for over a decade between 1982-93, a crucial time for molecular biology when different scientific disciplines in the life sciences were becoming increasingly interlinked. He reorganised the…

By Guest author(s)

Lab Matters


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