Advanced Light Microscopy Facility

This facility offers a collection of state-of-the-art light microscopy equipment and image processing tools.


We provide assistance to all EMBL groups and visitors throughout the process of microscopic imaging: planning of a project, sample preparation, selection and usage of the microscope, image processing and visualisation, data transfer and storage.

In collaboration with our technology partners we offer and support advanced microscopy techniques:

  • Optical sectioning: confocal and  two-photon laser scanning microscopes, spinning disk microscopy, Light sheet microscopy (SPIM), total internal reflection (TIRF)
  • Molecular dynamics and interactions: FRAP, FRET, FCS
  • Super-resolution: 3D single-molecule localisation (GSDIM / dSTORM) and 3D gated stimulated emission depletion (gSTED)
  • Laser nanosurgery: Pulsed lasers, which are focused diffraction limited on the sample can be used to cut fine intracellular structures (e.g. actin or microtubules). The laser is positioned on the sample by a scanner. It can be also used on larger structures like to ablate groups of cells.
  • Photo-activation, photo-uncaging

We assist our users in all aspects of high-throughput microscopy:

Other services we offer:

  • Image and data analysis support, as well as commercial and customised open source image and data analysis software
  • Facilitating hands on evaluation of equipment in collaboration with technology partners
  • Developing accessory software and microscopy equipment (co-developments with industrial partners, pre-evaluation of commercial equipment).
  • Organising courses (different EMBO courses per year).
  • Useful links and downloads concerning microscopy and image analysis.


We charge an hourly usage fee.

External academic visitor (EMBL member state): usage fee is calculated to cover the instrument maintenance and related consumables costs.

  • Widefield systems: 16€/hour
  • Advanced systems: 25€/hour.

Industry and External academic visitor (not from EMBL member state): full cost.

Internal usage fee