Advanced Light Microscopy Facility

This facility offers a collection of state-of-the-art light microscopy equipment and image processing tools.

The ALMF supports in-house scientists and visitors in using light microscopy methods for their research. We are assisting throughout the process of microscopic imaging: planning of a project, sample preparation, selection and usage of the microscope, image processing and visualisation, data transfer and storage.

Our support in high-throughput microscopy also includes RNAi technology, assay development, pilot screen validation and automated image acquisition

Major projects and accomplishments

The Advanced Light Microscopy Facility (ALMF) offers a collection of state-of-the-art light microscopy equipment and image processing tools.

The ALMF collaborates with a number of technology partners.

Visiting the ALMF

We are happy to welcome visitors in the Advanced Light Microscopy Facility if capacity allows.

Please note that visitors from EMBL’s Member or Associated Member States are our first priority.

If you would like to apply as a visitor in the ALMF, please contact us by email including a short overview of your project. We will discuss the feasibility of your project internally and in case of a positive evaluation we will contact you for a more detailed meeting over the phone, via Skype or video conference.

The ALMF currently participates in several initiatives supporting visitor access:

  1. Euro-BioImaging open access
    The ALMF is part of the EMBL node in Euro-BioImaging. Together with the Electron Microscopy Core Facility (EMCF) and the Imaging Centre at EMBL Heidelberg and the Mesoscopic Imaging Facility (MIF) at EMBL Barcelona, the EMBL node offers open access to a broad range of state-of-the-art technologies in biological imaging for life scientists.
    Euro-BioImaging supports financing visits to Nodes.
  2. Christian Boulin fellowship
    The Fellowships support travel and accommodation costs of young scientists visiting EMBL Core Facilities at the different EMBL sites.
  3. DANEMO fellowships
    DANEMO offers fellowships for collaborative work between Danish institutes and EMBL (including Core Facilities).


Advanced Light Microscopy Facility
EMBL Heidelberg
Meyerhofstraße 1
69117 Heidelberg, Germany

Building 13
Tel.: +49 6221 387-0

For further enquiries or requests to visit the ALMF, please contact us by email