Advanced Light Microscopy Facility

This facility offers a collection of state-of-the-art light microscopy equipment and image processing tools.

RNAi expertise

We have developed a number of RNAi transfection protocols (Erfle et al.), which can be also used for plasmids and CRISPR guide RNAs (Serçin et al).

These protocols are based on solid phase reverse transfection and can be used on multi-well plates or LabTek slides. The ALMF provides equipment for coating such plates or LabTeks.

We can offer support with:

  1. siRNA design
  2. Selection of available or customized siRNA libraries
  3. siRNA plate layout
  4. RNAi transfection
  5. Bioinformatic analysis of siRNA sequences

In addition, we run siRNA design courses (internal only) on a regular basis.