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Emma Steer

Emma is a science writer and outreach coordinator at EMBL. During her PhD she made the calcium in heart cells light up and dance. Now she's swapped the microscope for the monitor, but still enjoys marvelling at the very tiny.

Articles by Emma Steer

Robert Prevedel talks about EMBL and microscopy at the Internationale Gesamtschule Heidelberg. PHOTO: EMBL/Hugo Neves

Science in a suitcase

School students build fluorescence microscopes designed by members of the Prevedel group and…

By Emma Steer


Meet some of the Humans of EMBL

Humans of EMBL: Past lives

Discover the past lives and journeys that brought people to…

By Emma Steer

Lab Matters

Retinoic acid signalling is crucial for the marine worm’s nervous system (green) to develop

Insights into the evolution of a signalling molecule

EMBL scientists discover how a molecule’s role changes from simple metabolite to instructive…

By Emma Steer




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