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Emma Steer

Emma is a science writer and outreach coordinator at EMBL. During her PhD she made the calcium in heart cells light up and dance. Now she's swapped the microscope for the monitor, but still enjoys marvelling at the very tiny.


Articles by Emma Steer

EMBL's new Director General, Edith Heard.

Edith Heard starts as Director General of EMBL

On January 1 2019, Edith Heard takes up the position of EMBL’s Director General

By Emma Steer

Lab Matters

Members of GeneCore Jonathan Landry, Vladimir Benes and Anja Telzerow.

DIY Biology kits: what’s really growing inside?

EMBL’s GeneCore steps up to discover the facts and settle disputes

By Emma Steer

Lab Matters

Silke Schumacher, EMBL Director of International Relations, and Tamás Bíró, HCEMM Director General, at the signing of the Partnership Agreement. PHOTO: NRDI Office, Hungary

New EMBL Partnership in Hungary

EMBL partners with the Hungarian Centre of Excellence for Molecular Medicine

By Emma Steer

Lab Matters

Surface views of 3D reconstructions of the TBEV sub-viral particles.

Translating blue-sky research into the clinic

What does it take to create a vaccine or improve cancer therapies?

By Emma Steer

Lab Matters

Communities building collections

The EMBL Archive is open for business!

By Emma Steer

Lab Matters

3D printing anatomical models.

In the flesh: translating 2D scans into 3D prints

Translating 2D hospital scans into 3D prints is informing patients and aiding surgeons

By Emma Steer




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