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Partnership Programme Impact

The strong  relationships between the Corporate Partnership Programme and its industry members that facilitate collaboration with the scientific training programme of the EMBL Advanced Training Centre frequently opens the door for other types of educational and career development cooperation between CPP member companies and EMBL:

  • Engagement of CPP companies with EMBL’s science education department, the European Learning Laboratory for the Life Sciences (ELLS), in designing and offering hands-on training experiences aimed at European primary and secondary school teachers and students in neighboring communities, with the goal of stimulating curiosity about life sciences research and supporting technologies as well as motivate their critical examination of scientific knowledge.
  • Cooperation between EMBL’s internal training programme and CPP partners to expose graduate student and postdoctoral researchers to laboratory research and alternative science careers in industry, government, and academic organisations.
  • Enabling, through their support of the EMBL CPP, financial assistance to young scientists to visit EMBL to gain hands-on experience with the latest laboratory and computational methods: the Christian Boulin Fellowships to train in EMBL’s Core Facilities also contribute to EMBL’s mission to transfer knowledge and technical know-how back to the visiting scientists’ home institutions to advance their research projects.

Juan Antonio Cueto

Christian Boulin Fellowship Visiting Scientist, EMBL Heidelberg
Photo credit: Juan Antonio Cueto

“My 2-month visit to EMBL exceeded my expectations. Although I was aware of the outstanding research capabilities and the state-of-the-art facilities at EMBL,the great working atmosphere really surprised me. I had many opportunities for socialising. I enjoyed immensely the friendly and supportive atmosphere and the kindness of the people hosting me. During my time there, I never had to worry about anything other than the project I was involved with, which was a real luxury for me. I hope Argentina maintains the status of associate member of EMBL for many more years. This is a great opportunity to get access to up-to-date technology.”