Support EMBL

Recognition and involvement

By joining the EMBL Corporate Partnership Programme, you will gain access to a team of professionals dedicated to making your collaboration with EMBL fruitful and effortless.

As a Programme member, your company will not only be broadly acknowledged for support of research and training programmes at EMBL, but also realise relevant and worthwhile value  through the variety of opportunities, especially tailored to corporate business interests and needs, to engage with EMBL’s outstanding research and core facilities faculty and Advanced Training Centre’s external scientific conferences and courses team.

On top of the latest life science trends

  • Explore current and future trends of molecular life science technologies and research applications at the annual Corporate Partnership Programme Roundtable Discussion with EMBL Director General Prof. Dr. Edith Heard, FRS
  • Engage with the EMBL research and training leadership at the annual Corporate Partnership Programme Annual Scientific Symposium and Networking Dinner, hosted by EMBL Director General Prof. Dr. Edith Heard, FRS, held at EMBL Heidelberg
  • Capitalize on complimentary access to EMBL Conferences, EMBO Workshops and EMBO|EMBL Symposia held at the EMBL Advanced Training Centre in Heidelberg

Shaping the future of life science training

  • Discuss the focus and content as well as consider new topics for future scientific conferences and practical courses at the annual meeting of the EMBL International Centre for Advanced Training (EICAT)/Corporate Partnership Programme joint Training Consultation Panel
  • Support outstanding young scientists from EMBL members states and around the globe with fellowships enabling them to attend and contribute to the scientific exchange that distinguishes EMBL’s world-leading Courses and Conferences Programme

Prominently visible at Europe’s leading life science conference and training course location

  • Host conference-relevant technology workshops for attendees
  • Place your company name and logo on-site and on the web during conferences and  courses
  • Reach a worldwide audience via acknowledgement in all digital and print materials for EMBL’s programme of courses and conferences, for example,  course and conference announcements and websites and abstract books
  • Your company name and logo prominently displayed on our Wall of Honour
  • Contribute to the organisation and presentation of classroom lecture and laboratory training sessions

Enjoying special privileges

  • Privileged access to state-of-the-art laboratory and conference facilities at the EMBL Advanced Training Centre in Heidelberg
  • 20% discount on sponsorship packages for scientific events

For further information about the EMBL Corporate Partnership Programme and the various options to get involved, please contact: