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Innovation in the life sciences is rooted in fundamental research. Today’s technology and improved living conditions are the fruits of our past investments in science. By supporting our research with your philanthropic contribution, you are enabling progress in its purest form.



Our thanks go to the philanthropists, companies, and foundations that support EMBL in many extraordinary ways, making a huge impact on science and society.

We are always keen to forge new partnerships with supporters around the world. Your donations can help accelerate the next wave of scientific discoveries and their applications, paving the way for breakthrough solutions to global challenges.

The global challenges we study are diverse, but the thread of life runs through them all, from the smallest molecules to the largest ecosystems. Climate change, biodiversity loss, and human disease are all inextricably linked. 

Discoveries in biology will have a positive impact on our lives and those of future generations. EMBL is accelerating these discoveries. Philanthropy is critical if we are to create a step change in the scale and scope of our work, and to make breakthroughs for the world.

Attracting and nurturing the best minds

Private support helps to enable bold, creative new research to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Equipping researchers to do their best work

With your help, we will support outstanding scientists at EMBL and worldwide with technology, equipment, services, and networks to increase the pace of discovery.

Accelerating the transmission of knowledge and furthering dialogue with society

Your donations will help ensure that the impact of our work ripples out across society: we will share knowledge, data, insights, and best practice in various ways and will create opportunities for exchange and debate.

Rapidly responding to new challenges and exciting opportunities

EMBL receives core funding from its member states. Over the course of the five-year budget cycle, however, unforeseen opportunities and challenges can occur. We are better able to respond with your support.

We are immensely grateful to the philanthropists, companies, and foundations that have supported EMBL and continue to do so. They are acknowledged here. Every gift has a direct impact and enables activities that bring important benefits for science and society.

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20 Sep 2022

Life Science Alliance starts new chapter

Dieter Schwarz Foundation renews 3-year funding to EMBL for the EMBL | Stanford Life Science Alliance, a unique international collaboration bringing together researchers from the two leading instituti…

07 Sep 2022

Augmenting science

The Scientific Visitor Programme shares EMBL tools and talent with outside researchers in collaborative, multidisciplinary environments.