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Impact of philanthropy

EMBL’s 50th anniversary: 12 Moments of Philanthropy 

Over the course of five decades, EMBL has thrived as a global hub for cutting-edge molecular biology research, training and services. Open collaboration has been and continues to be at the very heart of our achievements, illustrated through a rich tapestry of partnerships woven with like-minded institutions and individuals.

With the “12 Moments of Philanthropy” we want to express our deepest gratitude towards individuals, foundations and other supporters who “have made a difference to EMBL” through their vision and generosity. Some large and some smaller in financial terms, each gift has helped advance science and nurture the scientists of the future in exemplary ways, illuminating the power of giving. 

Each month in 2024 we shine the light on an act of giving to EMBL and show its lasting impact on science and society.