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We take great delight in showing our supporters the impact of their donations and involving them in the vibrant life at EMBL’s sites.

Every gift to EMBL makes a true difference. Be it through regular dialogue and communications, behind-the-scenes insights and virtual as well as on-site events, our supporters become part of the EMBL Community and get close to our exciting science and amazing scientists. EMBL supporters also enjoy connecting and networking with each other and meeting those that are benefiting from their generosity. 

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Throughout the year, the Office of Resource Development hosts a range of public and private events that are a fun and exciting way to get involved and show your support while learning more about what we do at EMBL.

EMBL events are unique in their combination of exciting science and entertainment. Below is a list of our upcoming events calendar, for a glimpse of what to expect at future events.

14 July 2021

Friends of EMBL PhD Lunch

Our PhD students invite you to join them for lunch! A group of pre-docs from various EMBL departments look forward to sharing with you their exciting research projects and insights in everyday life at EMBL. This is your best chance at a truly authentic EMBL experience.

26 October 2021

Corporate Partnership Programme EICAT Training Consultation Panel

One of the core missions of EMBL is to provide advanced training to scientists from around the world. The Laboratory has a long history of organising scientific courses, workshops and conferences with active involvement of corporate partners. In the spirit of EMBL’s commitment to training and enriching scientific exchange through a collaborative approach with industry, the jointly organised EMBL Corporate Partnership Programme—EICAT Training Consultation Panel provides an opportunity every year for EMBL and its industry partners to discuss the latest scientific developments at EMBL, the current and future focus areas of scientific training and conferences, as well as the various levels of engagement with the members of EMBL’s Corporate Partnership Programme.

18 November 2021

EMBL Behind the Scenes

We invite you to “visit” EMBL by taking part in our virtual EMBL Behind the Scenes Event and learning what EMBL scientists do every day to tackle global challenges. We look forward to introducing you to the latest developments at EMBL, presenting inspiring new research topics and taking a look together behind the lab doors.