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Accelerating a new wave of scientific discovery

For almost 50 years, scientists at EMBL have studied the basis of life, establishing a track record of major breakthroughs that have enabled leaps in our understanding. Ultimately, these discoveries help us to improve human health, for example by treating or preventing the spread of viruses, the growth of cancers, or the deterioration of our brains.

Today, molecular biology is in a period characterised by spectacular progress. Transformative research technologies such as single-cell sequencing, coupled with an explosion in data, artificial intelligence, and the computational power to analyse ecosystems at scale, have revolutionised our understanding of the molecular processes that define life. At the same time, the gap between fundamental science and practical solutions is ever narrowing.

Our global challenges may be many and diverse, but the thread of life runs through them all, from the smallest molecules to the largest ecosystems. Climate change, biodiversity loss, and human disease are inextricably interlinked, but by stepping outside the laboratory to study life in its natural context, we believe we can generate discoveries and technologies at speed and scale, to help find solutions. In our sights are novel antibiotics, carbon footprint reduction, the use of microbes to break down plastics and tackle other forms of pollution, and new ways to detect and prevent epidemics. The time for action is now.

We can achieve these goals by assembling the right groups of people with the right technologies, facilities, and networks, and by investing in and expanding our research. We’ve proved that our model works. 

We are now seeking partners to help us scale up to address humanity’s pressing challenges. We are seeking transformational partnerships with philanthropists, foundations, and companies around the world, to greatly increase the rate of new discoveries and their application. With new investment, we can discover more solutions, more quickly.

The core of EMBL’s work is funded by member state contributions and grants, making it truly supranational. Today, private support is critical if we are to go further and create a step change in the scale and scope of our work. The generosity of our supporters helps to accelerate discovery as never before, to find breakthroughs for the world. We must seize the opportunity to create further breakthroughs.

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