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EMBL Corporate Partnership Programme

Breakthroughs in science and game-changing technical advances arise from the exchange of ideas, data, novel experimental approaches, and innovative research tools.

Founded in 2009, the Corporate Partnership Programme (CPP) has served as a hub for collaboration in support of training the next generation of molecular life scientists. Connecting global leaders in industry, in particular companies with an emphasis on life sciences and biopharmaceutical R&D, with the latest developments in molecular biology and with world-leading molecular life scientists and biomedical researchers is at the heart of the Corporate Partnership Programme’s mission.

The Programme is designed to form and cultivate long-term, fruitful relationships between EMBL and top-class corporate partners. Membership in the Partnership Programme offers an avenue for partners to connect and explore synergies with EMBL’s advanced training programmes and research initiatives and capabilities. Programme members are encouraged to draw on EMBL’s excellence in molecular biology research and technology development, as well as its extensive track record of partnerships with industry for the co-development of laboratory-based training courses, research products and services, and extending to opportunities to liaise with EMBL’s technology transfer subsidiary, EMBLEM.

Thanks to the generous support of its corporate partners, EMBL can extend the access to its world-class scientific gatherings to scientists who otherwise might not be able to participate, giving them the opportunity to contribute to and participate in advanced scientific training. Through this Programme, EMBL and its corporate partners support the development and promotion of innovative and ground-breaking scientific events in Europe.

Dr. Sagar Bhogaraju (center), research group leader at EMBL Grenoble, and life science industry partners network at the 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting of the EMBL Corporate Partnership Programme (CPP)
At the plenary session of the 2020 Corporate Partnership Programme’s Annual Scientific Meeting, Dr. Matthias Wilmanns (left), site head of EMBL Hamburg, presents his research examining the molecular biology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis


The EMBL Corporate Partnership Programme team will be delighted to provide you with additional information about opportunities for industry partnership and engagement with EMBL and the Advanced Training Centre, Programme membership, and the added value that membership will confer to your organisation.

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