Support EMBL

Areas to support

Your support can help accelerate the next wave of scientific discoveries. These could enable us to better understand the emergence of infectious diseases, develop vaccines against evolving pathogens, or provide ecological therapies for a burdened planet.

With new investment, we can discover more solutions, more quickly, by:

  • Attracting and nurturing the best minds
  • Equipping researchers to do the best work
  • Accelerating the transmission of knowledge and furthering a dialogue with society
  • Rapidly responding to new challenges and exciting opportunities

Below are listed some of the key funding opportunities within these thematic areas – we would also be delighted to discuss with you other ways to support EMBL for the benefit of science and society. 

EMBL Anniversary Fund

Welcome to the celebration of a remarkable milestone – the 50th anniversary of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory.

Scientific Visitors Programme

Fellowships will enable talented visiting scientists to benefit from collaboration with EMBL scientists and access to our state-of-the-art facilities.