Picture showing MD3, the micro-diffractometer developed by the Instrumentation team, installed at one of the EMBL Hamburg's beamline. Credits: Kinga Lubowiecka/EMBL

Structural biology at EMBL: driving technology development

Florent Cipriani, who recently retired as Head of the Instrumentation Team after a long career at EMBL Grenoble, is one of the pioneers of…

By Mylène André

Lab Matters

Two X-ray mirrors installed in the macromolecular crystallography beamline P14 at EMBL Hamburg. The mirrors are visible in the photo as dark rectangular crystal blocks, with two metal holders supporting the crystals in a stress-free position. The mirrors are inserted into a vacuum-compatible stainless steel vessel.

Mirror, mirror

Scientists at EMBL Hamburg use specially designed mirrors to reflect and focus X-ray beams onto tiny crystals made of proteins or other biological…

By Dorota Badowska

Picture of the week

Surface views of 3D reconstructions of the TBEV sub-viral particles.

Translating blue-sky research into the clinic

What does it take to create a vaccine or improve cancer…

By Emma Steer

Lab Matters

General view of the ID23-2 sample environment showing the MD3-Up diffractometer and FlexHCD sample changer. PHOTO: EMBL/J. Sinoir

Beamline ID23-2 tools up for ESRF upgrade

EMBL instrumentation teams adapting tech to run biological experiments on the synchrotron after its…

By Margaux Phares

Lab Matters

A birdview of European Photon and Neutron sciences campus. PHOTO by ILL

EMBL and ESRF renew collaboration agreement

EMBL and the European synchrotron ESRF extend their Joint Structural Biology…

By Isabelle Kling

Lab Matters

Midnight at Aurora Basin North in Antarctica. PHOTO: Simon Sheldon

Science from ice

Working on scientific instruments has taken EMBL alumnus Simon Sheldon to the ends of the…

By Edward Dadswell


Leading the way in time-resolved crystallography

Establishing a programme of research, development and user services for time-resolved…

By Rosemary Wilson


Christian Boulin Fellowship

New Christian Boulin Fellowship: 15 awards of up to €1500 for visitors to EMBL’s Core…

By Chloe Cross

Lab Matters

Close-up of flow cytometer

Go with the flow

Flow cytometry: finding needles in…

By Claire Ainsworth


Forty things that make EMBL – Part 1

As the Lab turns 40, staff and alumni share 40 things that make EMBL,…

By Adam Gristwood

Lab Matters

The future’s bright

Surprising protein from a flu-like virus is 10 000th ESRF…

By Claire Ainsworth


The Carl-Ivar Brändén Building houses the international Unit for Virus and Host Cell Interactions on the Polygone Scientifique Campus in Grenoble.

New interdisciplinary structural biology centre for virus research and technology platforms

On June 26 2009 the joint international Unit for Virus and Host Cell Interactions (Unité Mixte Internationale) was formally established in Grenoble.…

By Guest author(s)

Lab Matters


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