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oscillations of gene activity

Tissue dynamics provide clues to human disease

EMBL scientists examine the molecular causes of a rare hereditary disease of the spine and ribs

By Guest author(s)



Finding your way around Platynereis dumerilii

EMBL researchers combine multiple datasets to develop expandable atlas of an entire animal

By Marius Bruer


Stripes of colour display gene expression patterns

Transcriptional hubs confer phenotypic robustness

Enhancers in Drosophila embryos gather together to preserve phenotypes under stressful conditions

By Josh Tapley


Super-resolution image of the basal surface of a cellularising Drosophila embryo.

Actin crosslinking plays key role in tissue morphogenesis

New insights into mechanisms behind embryonic development

By Cella Carr


3-panel image of mouse blastocysts. From left to right the blastocyst has a smaller blastocoel meaning fewer cells in the mouse embryo.

Hydraulic force shapes mammalian embryos

Uncovering new role of fluid pressure in controlling embryo size and cell fate

By Josh Tapley


An in silico hope for biology: machine learning

How EMBL scientists are using machine learning to advance biology

By Berta Carreño

Lab Matters

Optical section of a ‘gastruloid’ – an embryonic organoid made from mouse embryonic stem cells and stained for E-Cadherin (red), marking cell outlines and nuclei (blue). IMAGE: Vikas Trivedi/EMBL

Welcome: Vikas Trivedi

An engineer’s approach to understanding morphogenesis

By Berta Carreño


A heatmap graph displaying high (red) or low (blue) levels of gene expressions in different cells.

From blood vessels to blood stem cells

EMBL scientists discover how blood vessel cells become blood stem cells during embryonic development

By Emma Steer


Synchronised waves control embryonic patterning

Synchronised waves control embryonic patterning

EMBL scientists show that the rhythm between Wnt and Notch waves enables patterning in embryos.

By Iris Kruijen



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