Lots of different types of wild animals, shown in silhouette, on a background that gives the impression of a forest on fire.

Dinosaurs, dodos, and the future of life on Earth

EMBL’s 21st Science and Society Conference will address scientific and societal responses to mass extinctions. Ahead of his keynote speech,…

By Edward Prior


Kakapo Luke

Life with the endangered kākāpō

Using genomics to help endangered…

By Guest author(s)


Tara Oceans Expedition ship in the arctic ocean

The Arctic Ocean: reservoir of marine viruses

Results from the Tara Oceans expedition reveal the Arctic Ocean as a cradle of viral…

By Guest author(s)


An image of Tara which was sailed around the world for four years during the Tara Oceans expedition. PHOTO by S Bollet/Tara Expeditions

Science at sea

A talent for organisation has taken EMBL’s Steffi Kandels-Lewis across the…

By Edward Dadswell


Diving into Autumn

Participants learn about EMBL’s ocean biodiversity research at the Fall…

By Margaux Phares


What do diatoms really do? Chris Bowler would like to know. IMAGE: Sebastien Colin

Marine mysteries

From the role of diatoms to how life evolved - scientists' pressing questions about life in the…

By Sonia Furtado Neves


Ocean Sampling Day 2014

Capturing marine biodiversity

Data from first ever worldwide Ocean Sampling Day will be shared via EMBL-EBI resources this…

By Mary Todd Bergman


Whale bones and farm soil: Sequencing biodiversity

Instead of sequencing the genome of one organism, why not sequence a drop of sea water, a gram of farm soil or even a sunken whale skeleton?…

By Guest author(s)



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