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Programming: language

How computer processing of human language is harnessed by EMBL scientists

By Josh Tapley


BioImage Archive Logo

A new home for biological images

The BioImage Archive - EMBL-EBI's first dedicated imaging data resource

By Oana Stroe


CINECA logo on blue data background

Facilitating transcontinental human data exchange

Federated data sharing will now be possible on an unprecedented scale

By Georgia Hingston


HiGlass (http://higlass.io) is an exploratory visualization tool for genomic data developed by Nils Gehlenborg and his team that provides analysts with a flexible interface to explore genomic and epigenomic data, including genome wide interactions, across multiple scales. IMAGE: Nils Gehlenborg

Kendrew and Philipson Awards Winners 2018

EMBL recognises the outstanding work of alumni with the John Kendrew and Lennart Philipson Awards

By Berta Carreño


New mechanism for cancer gene activation

EMBL study finds that rearranging how DNA packs the nucleus can activate cancer genes

By Laura Howes

Lab Matters

Artist interpretation of a human epigenome.

BLUEPRINT project delivers

BLUEPRINT: EMBL-EBI and the push to decipher the blood epigenome

By Mary Todd Bergman


Big data, cool servers

Upgraded server room is ready to take the heat at EMBL Grenoble

By Margaux Phares

Lab Matters

Vinton Cerf, Google Chief Internet Evangelist, and a "fathers of the Internet".

From packets to planets

Insights from the evangelical Vint Cerf, a “founding father of the Internet”, during a visit to EMBL.

By Isabelle Kling



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