Kowalinski Group

Structural biology of macromolecular protein-RNA complexes

Open positions

Joining the lab

Applicants for postdoctoral positions

Currently, we welcome postdocs willing to apply together with our lab for their own funding. Possible projects include, but are not restricted to, fundamental or applied research on RNA modification enzymes or projects combining protein-RNA biochemistry and large complex cryo-EM with parasitology. The working language in the lab is English; knowledge of French is not required.

In particular, together with the Boskovic lab at EMBL Rome, we wellcome applications for an interdisciplinary postdoc project involving tRNA modification dynamics.

To inquire about postdoctoral positions, send a CV, an outline of interests, and details of at least two referees directly to Eva Kowalinski. For tips on preparing your application, watch this video. Please also consider applying for an interdisciplinary EMBL EIPOD fellowship or other fellowships in the Kowalinski lab. Please get in touch 6-12 months ahead of your desired starting date. Due to time management, generic inquiries cannot be answered.

Open Research Assistant position

The Kowalinski lab is currently looking to recruit a short term Research Assistant. The candidate will have the chance to advance established projects in the lab and thereby acquire skills in structural biology, biochemistry, protein and RNA production and purification, depending on previous knowledge.

Applicants for Master or Internship positions

We are steadily looking for Master’s students on different projects involving protein-RNA complexes, biochemistry, structural biology eukaryotic parasite biology or cryo-EM. A project period of 6-12 months should be envisaged. Please familiarise yourself with our past and current research and send a CV and a motivation letter indicating why you are the best person to join our lab and why our lab is so interesting for you! Due to time management, generic, unspecific requests will not receive a reply.

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