Postdoctoral Programme

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Our mission is to train the next generation of scientific leaders. EMBL is committed to providing fellows with the scientific training, mentoring and career development support needed to advance in their careers in academia, industry and beyond.

As a postdoc at EMBL you will:

  • benefit from a world-class research infrastructure and access to cutting edge technologies
  • have the opportunity to work on ambitious research projects in interdisciplinary teams
  • work in a supportive and collaborative research environment rich in scientific exchange and which fosters scientific independence
  • be supported by the EMBL Postdoctoral programme providing access to transferable skills training, career development support and mentoring
  • benefit from an active seminar series with internal and external scientific leaders

The EMBL Postdoctoral Community

EMBL’s Postdoctoral community is central to the institute’s ambitious interdisciplinary research programme. EMBL supports approximately 250 postdocs across its 6 sites. Postdocs spend up to five years at EMBL provided funding is available. They are represented by a committee made up of postdoctoral representatives from all EMBL units and sites.

Postdoctoral representatives participate on various EMBL committees and working groups and organize events to support scientific and professional networking for postdocs.

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Our group leaders welcome speculative applications from talented researchers. Please get in touch with the group leaders you are interested in to explore opportunities. An overview of EMBL’s research groups including contact information is available here.

Some postdoctoral positions are advertised on the EMBL Job pages.

You can also explore EMBL’s postdoctoral fellowship programmes:

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image of Brenda Stride

Brenda Stride

Fellowship Programmes Lead and Deputy Head of Internal Scientific Training

Postdoctoral Programme


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Christian Hellmann

Personal Assistant to the Head of Internal Scientific Training and Team Assistant – EICAT



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