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Advancement of Women in Science

Despite numerous initiatives towards combating gender inequalities all over the world, women only occupy approximately 25% of research positions in science and engineering.

Even though, in life sciences, women’s enrolment in universities is relatively high, their participation goes down along the more senior steps of a researcher’s career path, with only a small fraction reaching decision-making faculty positions.

Acutely aware of this global trend, EMBL has commited to providing a supportive working environment for women. We know that diversity and equality lead to successfull scientific research. In particular, gender balance enables the realization of the full potential of the best scientific talents. Therefore, in 2019 EMBL has launched a project focused on the “Advancement of Women in Science”, to support the talent of women as they advance in their scientific careers towards leadership positions.

Support a novel Mentoring Programme

As part of this endeavour, EMBL has carefully designed and launched an innovative and holistic mentoring programme for women scientists. Leadership and Excellence for Aspiring Postdocs (LEAP) involves a series of meetings, coaching and workshops, where experienced EMBL alumni mentors and professional trainers and coaches provide guidance, empowerment and inspiration. This programme relies solely on external funding. With your donation you can help advance even more women in their scientific careers. Help make equality possible! Join forces with EMBL to inspire and empower the next generation of scientific leaders!

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