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EMBL Scientific Visitor Programme

Limited funds for science and for research infrastructures in many countries can make pursuing a career in life sciences very difficult. 

The EMBL Scientific Visitor Programme provides opportunities for external visiting scientists at all career levels – including students – to benefit from scientific exchange, from new technologies and from the state-of-the-art equipment at EMBL laboratories and Core Facilities.

However, scientists coming from the countries of the Global South and from small, underfinanced research institutes can oftentimes not afford a visit at EMBL. Through funding of fellowships for visiting researchers, you can help address those global inequalities. Thanks to your support, talented scientists will have the opportunity to come to EMBL and to establish collaborations with laboratories and group leaders across all EMBL sites. This has proven to have a catalyst effect on researchers’ careers while collaborations with EMBL scientists can lead to new advances that will help tackle global challenges.

Support the EMBL Scientific Visitors with fellowships and boost scientific exchange across boundaries!

Contact Barbara Solich at barbara.solich@embl.de to find out more.