Microscopic image showing a macrophage that has been infected with Salmonella (green), causing cellular cathepsins (red) to locate to the nucels (blue).

Re-trafficking proteins to fight Salmonella infections

Scientists including members of EMBL’s Typas group have investigated how immune cells called macrophages respond to infection by the intracellular…

By Marius Bruer


Identifying how potential COVID-19 drugs work

EMBL researchers are studying how drugs that have shown good results against COVID-19 work in living…

By Fabian Oswald


Melting reveals drug targets in a living organism

EMBL scientists identify drug targets in blood and…

By Patrick Mueller


Alessandro Ori in the lab

Decoding ageing

The naked mole-rat as a model organism in ageing…

By Cella Carr


A visualisation of a membraneless organelle in the green-yellow style of the data presented in the Nature Communications paper

ATP affects proteome-wide solubility

Scientists develop technology to measure how ATP concentration affects protein solubility in…

By Josh Tapley


E. coli bacteria colored in heat gradient. IMAGE: Aleksandra Krolik / EMBL

Melting bacteria to decipher antibiotic resistance

EMBL scientists investigate how bacteria melt to study their reaction to…

By Iris Kruijen


Futures: The dark proteome

ERC grantee Edward Lemke shares his vision for the next ten…

By Edward Dadswell


Futures: Brain evolution

ERC grantee Detlev Arendt shares his vision for the next ten…

By Edward Dadswell


Turning up the heat on drug side effects

Side-effects of leukaemia drug explained, reveal possibility of repurposing to treat other…

By Adam Gristwood


Mikhail Savitski. PHOTO: Marietta Schupp/EMBL Photolab

Welcome to EMBL: Mikhail Savitski

New head of Proteomics Core Facility also runs stability proteomics…

By Margaux Phares


Powering proteomics progress

EMBL alumnus Angus Lamond is driving forward new ways to explore the…

By Mary Todd Bergman


Christian Boulin Fellowship

New Christian Boulin Fellowship: 15 awards of up to €1500 for visitors to EMBL’s Core…

By Chloe Cross

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