18 July 2022 Large, elongated purple molecule has an on/off switch on it pointed to on.

The retron switch

Science, Science & Technology EMBL researchers now understand the function of an elusive small DNA in bacteria and have developed a tool that can be used to better understand what might ‘switch on’ bacterial immune defences.



24 February 2022 Expression Atlas database logo - A magnifying glass highlighting a yellow section on a blue background

New Expression Atlas release in collaboration with PRIDE

Updates from data resources New Expression Atlas release features differential-proteomics and baseline-proteomics experiments in collaboration with the PRIDE team at EMBL-EBI. This also includes new baseline DIA proteomics experiments as well as new differential proteomics datasets.  To improve reproducibility,…



8 September 2021 Illustration of two halves of a pill, which releases chemical molecules that are taken up by gut bacteria in the vicinity.

Common medications accumulate in gut bacteria

Science, Science & Technology A new collaborative study led by EMBL group leaders Kiran Patil, Nassos Typas, and Peer Bork has found that common medications accumulate in human gut bacteria. This process reduces drug effectiveness and affects the metabolism of common gut microbes, thereby altering the gut microbiome.



8 June 2020 Microscopic image showing a macrophage that has been infected with Salmonella (green), causing cellular cathepsins (red) to locate to the nucels (blue).

Re-trafficking proteins to fight Salmonella infections

Science, Science & Technology Scientists including members of EMBL’s Typas group have investigated how immune cells called macrophages respond to infection by the intracellular pathogen Salmonella enterica. They discovered that Salmonella causes newly produced cathepsins to accumulate in the nuclei of infected cells to…



17 November 2014 Judith Zaugg. PHOTO: EMBL/M. SCHUPP

Welcome: Judith Zaugg

Science Whether it’s information or people, the art of connecting is key to new group leader Judith Zaugg



25 June 2014

On target

Connections, Lab Matters A new EMBL-EBI biomedical initiative works to determine the best target proteins for new drugs.



28 August 2007

Minimum Information Standards ─ all for one and one for all

Lab Matters Three papers published by EMBL scientists and their collaborators will make it much easier to share and compare information from large-scale proteomics data. The papers are published in Nature Biotechnology on 8 and 26 August. As the quantity of available biological information and the use of…



29 August 2005

EBI and Ghent University launch PRIDE

Lab Matters The European Bioinformatics Institute and Flanders Interuniversity Institute for Biotechnology (VIB) – Ghent University have launched the PRoteomics IDEntifications database (PRIDE). PRIDE allows researchers who work in the field of proteomics – the large-scale study of proteins – to…



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