Illustration of a laboratory flask to the left of a microscope against an orange/grey background with a zoomed-in cut-out of the microscope view, which is colourful molecules.

A better look at a human RNA polymerase

New EMBL research shows where & to what degree a component of cellular machinery known as RNA Pol III is mutated and becomes…

By Ivy Kupec


Supporting international research on the structure of the coronavirus

EMBL Heidelberg reopens the Cryo-Electron Microscopy Service Platform to support coronavirus structural biology…

By Anne-Marie Alleaume


Structure of the Elongator complex

A tRNA modifier at work

Using cryo-EM, scientists have determined the structure of a large protein complex called…

By Cella Carr


Insulin receptor structural biology. IMAGE: Felix Weis and Christoph Müller / EMBL

More effective insulin thanks to first 3D image

New study reveals how to make therapeutic insulins more effective than they currently…

By Iris Kruijen


With help from an external transcription factor (lavender, peach, and green), Pol III (grey) and its built-in transcription factor (yellow), create a cage around a cell’s DNA (plum). IMAGE: EMBL/Matthias Vorländer

Pol III enzyme grips DNA and begins reading fast

EMBL researchers uncover how a key enzyme that helps cells make new proteins starts its…

By Sarah B. Puschmann


New insights into RNA Polymerase I

Cryo EM reconstruction of RNA Polymerase I reveals details of how molecule binds and transcribes…

By Rosemary Wilson


Data by Natalia Wesolowska has been visualised in 3D stereoscopic view, as an anaglyph and a 3D lenticular poster by Stefan Günther & Gustavo de Medeiros at EMBL

See data in a new light

3D printing, gaming, virtual reality and lenticular posters bring new perspectives to…

By Sonia Furtado Neves



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