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EDI Reflections

From Able-bodied to Something Else


I never would have called myself an athlete. Yet, I relaxed by swimming a kilometer or two and I often travelled to conferences with my running shoes so I could explore cities in early morning pre-conference runs. In August 2017, I finally committed to achieving my long standing goal of climbing…

Stories from the reverse complement

Guest author(s)

There are some stories we are all familiar with, usually because we grew up inside them. There are two types of children: boys and girls. After some awkward in-between phase, they become men and women respectively, every one of them through some lucky happenstance finds a single counterpart in the…

Stop looking for happiness at work

Guest author(s)

Allow me to begin by explaining what I mean by ‘happiness’. It is a state of deep serenity and fulfilment, which I like to borrow from Matthieu Ricard’s concept of happiness and wellbeing. It is not to be confused with momentary sensations of joy induced by pleasurable experiences. Why do I…

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